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GreenHome sponsors 1000 Drawings Cape Town

GreenHome sponsors 1000 drawings 1We were super excited to sponsor our brand new range of eco friendly cups, the 360ml Green Cup to the 1000 Drawings held in Cape Town. These cups are locally made, from sustainable, plant based resources. We also sponsored our Bagasse Cups.

GreenHome sponsored compostable cups to 1000 Drawings Cape Town on the 28th August 2014. This charity event calls for anyone to donate a doodle on an A5 piece of paper. The doodles are then sold for R100 each at an art exhibition. All proceeds go towards upgrading the Thomas Wildshutt Primary School in Retreat with partners Greenpop, See-Saw-Do and H.E.L.P Educare.

After the event, we’re collecting all the used cups for composting, making the event eco friendly and for a good cause.

1000 drawings cape town

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