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6 October Price Increase

Dear Valued Customers




In May 2013 we raised our prices due to our increased costs.  However, with the continued weakening of the Rand, our costs have risen again and we need to notify you of yet another price increase.

GreenHome would like to continue to create a stable biodegradable food packaging industry in Southern Africa. As such, we will absorb as much of the cost as we can in order to protect you, our market.  We are getting really creative on how to mitigate our expenses.

We‘d like to inform you, with as much lead time as possible, that our next price increase will take effect on the 6th October 2013, on only part of our range.

Initial indications are as follows: 

Sugarcane / Bagasse 15%

Bioplastic (Utensils) 7%

Paper (breakfast box, bags etc.) 10 – 15% depending on paper type


Yours truly,

Catherine Morris

Managing Director

Green Home Products Pty Ltd

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