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A beginners guide to composting

How do I make compost?

The most common and easiest way of making compost is using a compost bin. First things first, you will need a bin or a container to collect all your organic waste. Remember to take into consideration how much space you have before opting for a really big compost bin. You can use any large container and it can be made out of wood, plastic, or wire, as long as drainage and aeration can occur. If you have a big garden, another simple method is a compost heap within an enclosed structure like a wire or wooden fence. Basically, organic waste is thrown onto the heap but should, ideally, not be higher than 4 feet in the beginning. The heap should be kept relatively moist and, from time to time, it is best to cover with dry garden waste to avoid attracting flies. Some people prefer to use compost tumblers because they do not require as much labour and it is easier to manage. Tumblers are ideal if you want to produce large amounts of compost quickly.

What can I compost?

  • Organic waste from your garden and kitchen

  • Fruit, vegetables and waste from these, flowers and leaves, tea and tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells (preferably crushed).

  • Weeds, grass, soft cuttings and prunings.

  • Waste paper including tissues, kitchen towels, newspaper, printer paper, paper/card (but not too much and should ideally be broken up)

What should I not compost?

  • Meat, fish, dairy, fat, egg, bread, cake, biscuits, pastry as they rot and attract rats

  • Cat and dog excrement

  • Plastics, shiny paper and card

  • Diseased plants or leaves

  • Grass cuttings, moss or other garden waste that has been chemically-treated

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