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Bagasse Cups: The Most Environmentally-Friendly Cups Around

Bagasse cups are the most environmentally-friendly cups in our range. They are suitable for warm and cold drinks, natural in colour and have a paper-like texture.

The cups make a great environmentally-friendly replacement for polystyrene, plastic or paper. They are the made from natural raw materials instead of petroleum-based plastic. The cups are made from recycled raw materials as opposed to virgin wood pulp as is the case with disposable paper cups lined with plastic, which is required for waterproofing.

We suggest warm drinks are served with a cup sleeve.  Drinks can be served with a compostable PLA plastic lid, with or without a sipping hole.

What we love about our cups

  1. Made from natural recycled raw materials.
  2. Cost effective – half the price of our other eco- hot and cold cups
  3. These cups will compost in your home compost heap.
  4. Custom design your own sleeve to show your brand or stamp your brand onto the cup.

Whether you are serving water, juice, coffee or tea, try the bagasse cup. And be sure to collect them after they’ve been used, they make great compost!

Visit our shop if you’d like to buy bagasse cups.


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