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Blessed Soaps in bamboo boats

Blessed Soaps are handmade from coconut oil and clay. They are sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) and paraben free, biodegradable and hypoallergenic – a treat for your skin!

Flavours change frequently but here are the favourites:

  • Organic goats milk & raw honey – smells like ice cream!  Delicious!
  • Lime, pineapple & papaya – summer in a soap bar!
  • Rooibos & vanilla – nurturing, wholesome smell & feel.  A local favourite, perfect for a long relaxing soak in the tub.
  • Sugarcane & lemon grass – fresh, clean, invigorating!  Excellent for an early morning or post-workout shower.

They are packaged in our 100% natural packaging because it compliments their 100% natural ethos and values.   Don’t they look gorgeous in the little wooden boats and clear bioplastic bags?

Visit their website for more information.