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Our Cutlery is Certified GMO Free

GMO free CutleryWe’ve just received a certificate that says our cutlery is made from GMO free raw materials. We’re really pleased about this. All our bagasse products and our cutlery is certified GMO free. Not just made from 100% plant based, natural raw materials and compostable. Now there’s some natural goodness right there!

There are many and far reaching reasons to want to avoid the growth and use GMO crops or plants. A recent quote from Dr Jane Goodall in relation to GMOs. “We’re poisoning the land, we’re poisoning animals, and I truly believe we’re poisoning ourselves.”

Here are our reasons for wanting to avoid GM raw materials:
GM Crops are not feeding the world like they claim to do. In fact numerous reports are starting to show GM crop failure and the associated costs. Here is an example.

GM Crops are designed to be sterile. Farmers cannot keep seed like they have done since the beginning of farming. They are now locked into buying new seed every year but the promised increases in yield haven’t happened. In fact the impact of GM crops on farmers in the 3rd world is very serious.

GM Crops are linked to the increased use in herbicides & pesticides. Pollution to our environment and harmful to the little members of farm ecosystems that we actually want.

Patents Is it ok that companies can own the rights to seeds? Should something that meets such a basic need not be free to share amongst communities and the profit be given to those that take time to grow them for us? Seeds have always been free for farmers to use and share. We think they should stay that way.

Health implications. There is concern that the rise in gluten and wheat intolerance could be linked to GMOs, along with their potential link to more serious illnesses.

If you are not up to date on the issue, there are many fantastic campaigns out there raising awareness: We suggest you try the African Center for Biodiversity for some great South African relevant information.

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