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BIODEGRADABLE RECIPE: Chocolate Filled Bananas on the Braai

We South African’s just love to braai and with Heritage Day aka National Braai Day on 24 September we thought it apt to give you the recipe for these lekker chocolate filled bananas on the braai.

  1. Slit banana skins down the middle.
  2. Stuff with your favourite chocolate – don’t be shy. You can even throw in some chopped nuts if you want to get fancy.
  3. Braai until chocolate has melted and bananas are cooked.
  4. Eat straight out of the banana skins with a spoon.
  5. ENJOY!

True biodegradable packaging is the packaging that food naturally comes in. We’re going to bring you a series of simple and delicious biodegradable recipe ideas over the next few months.

This recipe doesn’t need any packaging or any plates. Anything left over can be composted!

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