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Cleaning Products – The Greener Alternative

Ever heard the term Green Cleaning? It’s a method of cleaning whereby only products with environmentally friendly ingredients and practices are used to maintain healthy people and a healthy environment.

Plant-based and Biodegradable

As biodegradable packaging specialists, we strive to be sustainable in all aspects of our business. In keeping with our plant-based, biodegradable and non-toxic packaging, we use plant-based, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products from a local company called Naturally Good. 

Naturally Good is based in Cape Town and run by sisters Glenda Pieters and Charlene Liedeman. They sell their products online and deliver directly to your door. Why did we choose them? Firstly – all their products are biodegradable… within 28 days! Secondly, Naturally Goods products don’t contain all the toxic chemicals that most cleaning products do. They therefore don’t negatively affect marine life – as all products that go down the drain eventually make their way to rivers and oceans. This also means they’re healthier for our physical bodies, making them a great choice for people and the planet.

A photo of the 2 sisters who own Naturally Good

Cutting Down on Waste

Green cleaning also means keeping waste to a minimum. It recently occurred to us that we could further reduce our waste by refilling our large containers of cleaning products. We already refill our smaller dispensers, but we wanted to do more.

We spoke to the ladies at Naturally Good and they were happy to do refills. And they’re encouraging their other customers to do the same, with the intention of protecting our precious water and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Naturally Good encourages their customers to reduce their plastic consumption by:

  • Re-using spray bottles by purchasing 5L products and refilling them.
  • Returning 5L and 25L containers to be refilled
  • Utilizing their 25L container with a tap to refill any of your bottles

So, if you don’t already, why not give green cleaning a try – you may even save a turtle!

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