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Why Compostable Food Packaging?

compostable burger packagingCompostable food packaging lasts as long as it is needed and then can be turned into another valuable resource: compost. It offers a closed loop solution to food packaging, a major cause of pollution and litter in our environment and oceans.

Compostable food packaging is made from renewable plant based raw materials such as sugar cane waste fibers, maize, potato starches and recycled paper. Excellent  – a low impact product.

After use compostable food packaging can be thrown away in compost bins and will completely biodegrade into healthy compost for more plants to grow. Even better – a positive impact! Even if it does end up in the bin, it will biodegrade into natural components and won’t sit around for generations after it was used.

Why compostable food packaging?

Here’s a list of other reasons why companies should consider switching to compostables:

1) It is environmentally friendly: Corporates, events, restaurants are being held accountable for their footprint. Changing your food packaging is an easy step to making your catering more eco friendly.

2) It is in line with current trends: There is a international move to greener packaging. Biodegradable packaging is an easy trend keep up with.

3) Biodegradable packaging is sexier than plastic: Petroleum based plastic has developed the association of being unhealthy for you and the environment. Natural packaging looks better.

4) In some cases biodegradable packaging is cheaper. You can save money, depending on what food packaging you are moving from.

5) It’s healthier to eat from compostable packaging made from plant materials than petroleum based plastics which can leak toxic chemicals into your food.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –  Steve Jobs

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