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DEA Considers a Plastic Ban – so we Visit Them

This week, the lovely Phindi Dlamini from GREEN HOME popped in at the Department of Environmental Affairs. She came bearing a gift for South Africa’s Environmental Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa.

Let’s Make Plant-Based Packaging the Norm

Recently, Molewa has been speaking out about our plastic pollution problem. And she is reportedly considering a ban on certain single-use plastics. At GREEN HOME, we wanted to show her our FULL support. So Phindi gave her some of our lovely biodegradable samples, together with a letter from our MD, Catherine Morris.

Below is a photo of Phindi handing over our (fully compostable) box of biodegradable packaging products to representatives of the DEA.


If you’d like to read Catherine’s letter to Edna Molewa, just click this link.

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