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Double Walled Coffee Cups: Now in Stock

Double-Walled coffee cupsLast year we launched our own brand of coffee cups. Now due to popular demand, we are adding double walled coffee cups to our range.  250ml and 350ml cups are available.

Most paper coffee cups are lined with a thin layer of plastic. Plastic is made from petroleum which is a non-renewable resource and because the paper is plastic lined, it cannot be recycled.

According to Fair Coffee & Co

The double walled G-cup

Our G-cups are made in South Africa. They are made entirely from plant-based raw materials i.e. plastic free. This means they are compostable in a well-managed compost heap, which ensures they stay away from a landfill.

The paper is made from wood sourced from FSC certified sustainable plantations. The cup is lined with a thin layer of bioplastic made from corn starch.

Branded double walled coffee cups

Our G-cups are smooth cardboard which makes printing on them a great option. Each cup is printed with composting information which educates the consumer regarding what to do with the cup after use. You can even brand the cups.  Contact us with your requirements and your artwork.  30 000 units is the minimum order quantity.

See our range of hot cups for specs and prices.

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