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Eco friendly sandwich boxes: Made from plants

Sandwiches are the ultimate lunchtime food on the run, only they come in plastic sandwich boxes.

Plastic is made from oil, which is non renewable resource. When a used sandwich box is disposed of, it is considered contaminated. Recyclers often don’t accept food contaminated plastic. It either ends up in a landfill or as litter in our environment.

GreenHome’s eco friendly sandwich boxes are made from Bioplastic. They look and feel just like petroleum based plastic but they are made from corn starch. The raw material is an industrial grade corn specifically grown for industrial uses. It does not compete for corn traditionally used for food. The manufacturer currently uses a mix of non GM and GM corn, preferring to use corn sourced from within a 30 mi radius of the factory. Corn is an annually renewable raw material.

The sandwich boxes are available in 2 or 4 slice sizes. See prices & pack sizes etc. at our shop

Food contaminated bioplastic sandwich boxes are compostable in an industrial compostable facility. We encourage allĀ  our clients to collect used product and send them for composting along with their other green waste. Contact us for advice on how to go about it.

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