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Food & Beverage Reporter features eco friendly packaging

The Food & Beverage Reporter recently featured GreenHome products in this article about making packaging more environmentally friendly.

The article talks about innovations in packaging that minimise the impact of the waste generated by fast food. Packaging product suppliers are assessing their products in terms of how eco friendly they are.

Most of the products mentioned are aiming towards being easier to recycle and using more recycled raw materials.  Do you agree this is a good way of tackling the problem? Recycling creates jobs but can be tricky for packaging that is contaminated with food.

Interestingly, Polystyrene is mentioned as an option for eco friendly packaging because it is 96% air and a way has recently been found to use polystyrene waste to make houses. What do you think?

natural packaging made from plantsWhy choose natural packaging?

The article discusses the following benefits of switching to packaging made from plants.

  • It is more environmentally-friendly, allowing corporates, event organisers and restaurants, that are being held accountable for their carbon footprints, to change their food packaging in a simple step.
  • It is on-trend. You don’t want to be seen to be unsustainable if your business is future thinking.
  • Natural packaging looks and feels better.
  • In some cases natural packaging is cheaper.
  • Natural packaging is made from non toxic plant materials and is non toxic.
  • Packaging made from plant materials can be composted, creating the potential for a full circle, closed loop food waste management solution.  Read more about composting food packaging.