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GreenHome’s food packaging at the Good Food and Wine Show 2013

Who went to the Good Food and Wine show 2013 held at the CTICC in Cape Town? GreenHome was there! Our biodegradable food packaging was used at the Real Food Theater and the Little Chefs Kitchen and you could find our products at many of the other stalls too.

The Real Food Theater offered workshops that were open to anyone and focused on the use of natural sustainable ingredients.  The Little Chefs Kitchen featured cooking demonstrations and workshops especially for children, starting aged 4!

Biodegradable tableware and food packaging is ideal for major events like this where there is huge quantities of food being sold.  Its not practical to provide meals on that scale on reusable plates & cutlery where there are no facilities to wash everything quickly enough to reuse it. In this case disposable is the most practical solution.

In the case of the Good Food and Wine Show, our biodegradable plates, cutlery and boxes replaced otherwise plastic alternatives which would have ended up lasting for ever in our landfills.  GreenHome products will decompose into their natural components of CO2, water and plant matter.  It is super to see large events making more environmentally friendly packaging choices. Well done to the Good Food and Wine Show!