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GREEN GIFTING: Tips for Brilliant Low-Waste Gifts

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Want to savor the joy of giving without creating a waste nightmare?

We got you. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of brilliant tips for gifts that are fun to give and receive, and don’t create mountains of trash!


According to Bea Johnson, queen of the Zero Waste movement, centering your life around experiences rather than things leads to greater health and happiness, and less waste.  So why not make like Bea and gift experiences. Check out these ideas for memory-making gifts:

  • A voucher for a favorite cafe, restaurant, or maybe a wine or whiskey tasting.
  • A Getaway – why not take your nearest and dearest somewhere special?
  • Tickets to a show. There are so many options – theatre shows, movies, concerts,  comedy specials etc.
  • Tickets to the next big game.
  • A visit to a Wildlife sanctuary, safari, reserve, garden or aquarium.
  • For those who like pampering, you could gift a treatment or spa trip.
  • For adrenaline junkies, adventure sports and activities are a great way to go – like abseiling, caving, sand-boarding and bungee jumping.


If you do want to give a special something, visit a local market or shop and get a uniquely South African item from one of our many outstanding local designers. We are truly blessed to have such an incredible array of local clothing, homeware, ceramics, art, crafts, jewelry, shoes, lighting and so much more! And much of it can be found unpackaged at markets or retail outlets.


  • Giving home-baked goodies is another great low-waste option. Everyone loves home-made brownies, biscuits, muffins in biodegradable tulip cups and jams in recycled glass jars.
  • For wrapping, use compostable greaseproof paper tied with twine, adding a sprig of something green or a flower to finish off the look. This is a great low-waste way to wrap other gifts too, of course!

The Ultimate GREEN Gift

Plants do so much for us: cleaning the air, capturing carbon and making things beautiful. At the same time they support all life at the base of the food web. (Not to mention that we literally couldn’t make any of our biodegradable packaging products without them!)

  • So, obviously, we think plants make great green gifts. From beautiful flowers (without any plastic wrapping), to potted plants, to plants for the garden.
  • If you’re giving garden plants to someone who loves birds, butterflies and/or bees, choose varieties that will attract them into their garden.
    And a final great thing about plants is that they can keep on giving for years to come!


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