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Green Home products help reduce water consumption

Congratulations to the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company for winning the Imvelo Awards at the end of last year in the category of company with the “Best Single Resource Management Programme”. As part of their successful project to manage and reduce their water consumption, the company converted to Green Home’s biodegradable take-away products. Although the use of compostable, disposable products meant a slight increase in costs for the restaurant, as well as an increase in the amount of waste being produced, the Table Mountain Cableway Company reported that the negative impacts were far outweighed by the environmental benefits. For example, there has been a reduction in water consumption as well as in the wastewater being produced(as crockery no longer needed to be washed) and a reduction in staff and operational costs.

Sabine Lehmann, CEO of the Table Mountain Cableway says that she is proud to be associated with a company like Green Home who is leading the biodegradable revolution in South Africa. “The Cableway is one of the first major South African tourist attractions to utilise 100% bio-degradable plates and food containers. We are very committed to conserving sustainable resources and reducing man’s footprint on the environment,” Lehman said. The Cableway looks forward to monitoring the water consumption over the upcoming months as well as the distribution of the first load of compost to community gardens.

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