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GREEN-ING Your Event

people at an outdoor festival

It’s that time of year. Summer holidays are around the corner and festive season is kicking off, while a steady stream of tourists head to game parks and beaches. The calendar is packed with festivals and markets, weddings and year-end parties. No wonder we call it silly season!

If you’re involved with organizing any year-end or seasonal events and want to be sure they go down as sustainably as possible, check out our top tips for GREEN events.

GREEN Events – Our TOP TIPS:

  1. VENUE

    This is where it all starts. If you’re using a venue, check out their green credentials.
    What sustainability practices have they implemented? Do they take water efficiency measures? Does their waste management include composting and recycling, and do they minimize waste as much as possible?


    Make sure all your food and beverage packaging is fully compostable and made from 100% renewable plant materials. Compostable plant-based products look attractive, feel great to use – and are healthier for people and the planet.


    Join us in making composting the norm. Turn all food waste, garden waste, used flowers and compostable packaging into compost, reducing waste while lowering the carbon footprint. If you’re looking for info on composting, check out our composting page on our website and be sure to read our blog which has regular composting features.


    Skip wasteful decorations and choose stylish, biodegradable materials. Source flowers and plants not wrapped in plastic. And opt for beautiful paper decorations if needed. Hiring reusable decorations is also a great way to reduce waste.


    Carbon offsetting is a great way to take responsibility for your carbon footprint, while supporting projects which improve environmental and social conditions. GREEN HOME is proudly carbon neutral. We offset our carbon emissions through Credible Carbon, by supporting a low-carbon housing development in Khayelitsha. You can check out their offset projects here.


    If you’re gifting, keep it plastic free. Everyone likes a bottle or jar of something nice. Or choose products made from natural materials, like wood, paper, glass, stone and metal.
    Another great option is to gift experiences (a voucher for a show, meal, treatment or adventure, for example).
    Vouchers are also a great way of reducing potential waste by allowing people to choose something themselves.
    If you’re wrapping gifts, ensure all your wrapping materials are biodegradable – recyclable paper tied with twine is a great planet-friendly option.

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