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Green Pet Burials

green pet burialsWe recently published an article about natural burials for people and then shortly after discovered a local company offering green pet burials, called Back to Earth.

What is a Green Burial?

Nature intended for our bodies to be reunited with the earth. All organisms that have lived have died and returned to the soil… only to be recycled into new life. Nature creates no waste, everything is recycled.

A green burial is the complete, natural breakdown of the animal’s body in a mixture of organic material through the action of bacteria and fungi. Constant microbial activity in the soil breaks everything down. No chemicals are used only naturally existing bacteria.

Given the simple, but effective method of degradation, natural green burials are more affordable and sustainable than other methods. Pet Farewells also offer the service to have a tree planted in memory of your pet by Green Pop, who will send you the coordinates of the tree and a special certificate with your pet’s name inscribed. Creating a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

How did the natural pet burial service come about?

Green pet burials is concept developed by Lesley Jones, a prominent pioneer in green waste management. She undertook years of research and paired up with composting innovator Dr Melanie Jones BVSc (no relation), who provides the environmentally sound and approved, composting service solution. Dr Jones conducted trials on companion mortality composting since 2012. She is a highly respected member of the veterinary fraternity and has spoken at international greening and composting conferences.

What happens?

The composting process is completely symbiotic, using nature to direct the process – remains are buried in ‘windrows’ with natural materials which attract beetles and other microbes that breakdown the matter. After four months, the majority of the remains have decomposed – temperatures in the heaps range from 40ᴼC – 70ᴼC which destroy pathogens.

Compost from the sites is not sold to the public; instead it is used for planting non-food source trees after 12 months.

The entire process has been carefully thought out, combining knowledge and experience of green waste practices with composting. The service is ‘green’ from beginning to end, for example, the body bags are made of re-usable materials – no more plastic bags with cable ties that take forever to decompose.

For more information about this service contact Amanda or Lesley:

Cell: (082) 563 2712
Office: +27+21 852 4750

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