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GreenHome at Hostex

Catherine MOrris speaks at Hostex

Our MD Catherine Morris spoke about innovations in packaging at Hostex Gauteng March 2013.

Her talk started with a look at how plastic and convenience has lead to a rise in the increase of use of plastic disposable packaging. She then spoke about the major problem of disposing of used plastic packaging because it lasts for ever.

She showed some examples of the impact of this problem on the oceans and the environment and the animals that inhabit it.

She then discussed the potential of compostable packaging as a viable environmentally friendly food packaging option especially in corporate canteens and events where the waste can be properly collected and composted along with other food waste. She gave real examples of how companies have made the switch to compostable packaging as part of their commitment to operate in a more environmentally friendly way.

Catherine did a breakdown of the costs involved in converting to biodegradable packaging and the benefits to the environment.

Our stand was very busy with people who were thrilled to learn that there are eco friendly packaging options out there!