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GreenHome is Growing

GreenHome signDemand for eco friendly packaging has increased quickly! How exciting see so many people making the choice to serve food in something that biodegrades and composts instead of something that lasts for ever! We are doing our best to expand quickly enough to accommodate the increase in demand.  Even if it means bashing down walls! Or maybe especially if it means bashing down walls.

In August our Johannesburg offices moved to bigger premises in Edendale.  Our new premises has a great big warehouse and will soon have a retail space so we can accommodate customer orders faster.

In October we took over the warehouse next door to ours in Ottery, Cape Town,  We’ve bashed down some walls and now we have a huge warehouse which we are going to pack full of Eco friendly packaging. Its double the size!

To think that just a few years ago we were operating from Catherine’s garage in Cape Town. Now, we are dealing in warehouses full of eco friendly packaging! Before, it would have been a whole load of food contaminated plastic going to landfill. Now, best case, it gets composted and if it does end up in a landfill, at least it doesn’t last for ever. Thank you for being part of our journey and joining the revolution!


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