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GreenHome Sponsors Patch at the Winter Wonderland Festival

GreenHome is sponsoring the Patch Helderberg Child Abuse center cups for their stall at the the annual Winter Wonderland festival to be held in Gordons Bay.

The Patch Helderberg Child Abuse center do work in raising awareness about and prevention of child abuse. They also offer counselling and support for victims and help in preparing child abuse victims for court.  They also offer youth empowerment programs. We admire and support the work they do.

This year, Patch is teaming up with the Helderberg Animal Welfare and the Helderberg Hospice. They are going to be raising funds and awareness around child abuse at their stall at the Gordon’s Bay festival of lights and festival.

Their stall will be serving curries and gluhwein which will be served in our compostable cups. The cups are made from Bagasse which is our most eco friendly raw material. It is a by product from the sugar cane industry (what remains when the sugar has been pressed from the sugar cane). Bagasse cups are compostable in a home compost heap and these ones will end up as healthy compost after use. They are suitable for warm or cold drinks but need to be used with a sleeve if you are serving very hot drinks.

To read more about Patch and the wonderful work they do, visit their website or their facebook page.

Yay – we received a letter from Patch. Feels good to help.

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