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Let’s Build a Hemp House for Mickey


GREEN HOME has had a relationship with the Yiza Ekhaya Soup Kitchen for a number of years now. Last year, we received news that Mickey had been asked to move the structure from which she runs her soup kitchen.

We worked on new plans and had some discussions with builders and decided it was time to start fundraising so that we could build Mickey a basic, safe structure from which to continue the work she does for the community.

However as time went on, we slowly started thinking that it is not okay to simply build her a basic structure to meet her requirements.  This is one incredible woman, who had a feeling that she needed to help the people around her and has managed to do so with incredibly limited resources. (We wrote about Mickey here). She didn’t just need a basic, safe structure. She needed a good, supportive premises that would help her to continue her important work.

Being GREEN HOME, we thought that the good supportive premises should perhaps be made from natural, plant-based and renewable materials.

We met with Tony Budden from Hemporium and Oliver Wolf, the architect behind South Africa’s first 2 Hemp houses. They were also inspired by Mickey and her project. Hemporium offered materials at cost and Wolf offered his assistance to oversee the building process.

And so the dream of building Mickey a Hemp House was born.

Why Build Yiza From Hemp?

  1. Hemp is natural, hard wearing and strong.
  2. Buildings built from hemp are well insulated (cool in summer, warm in winter).
  3. Hemp breathes which means it won’t get damp and lead to mould problems.
  4. Natural building materials are non-toxic and safe for children.
  5. Hemp is topical and the 1st & 2nd hemp buildings received loads of media attention.
  6. Mickey’s project will be exposed to the kind of awareness and support she needs and deserves.

You can support this project in many ways. You can make a financial donation, volunteer your time or donate second hand sinks, doors, windows and other usable building supplies.

We’ve broken things down into waves:

  • Wave 1: R50,000. We can build a foundation for the house and move Mickey’s shack onto it.
  • Wave 2: R120,000. We can build a rudimentary permanent structure for Mickey’s hemp house.
  • Wave 3: R230,000. We can build a place of upliftment! A positive safe and healthy place to support Mickey in her daily work. A healthy wholesome home with insulation in the roof, tiles, taps, painted walls and kitchen. All with your support.

Check out the Yiza Ekhaya Facebook Page here.

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