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O’Prego Cosinha serving up biodegradable take away packaging!

Opregos CosinhaO’Pregos Cosinha in Brooklyn Pretoria are serving delicious Portugese food in GreenHome’s biodegradable take away packaging. That means that your meal will come wrapped up in packaging made from sustainable, natural resources.  The takeaway boxes are made from Bagasse, a by product from the sugar cane industry, and the Bioplastic cutlery is made from corn starch.

When you’re done with your meal, you can actually put your take away packaging on your compost heap and it will biodegrade into compost. It doesn’t need to sit in a landfill for years and years after you finished your meal. The waste can actually be turned into a resource.

Biodegradable take away packaging is an important innovation in our life and times where food on the go is such a common part of our life. Each meal comes individually wrapped in a disposable container for our convenience. But what we haven’t paid much attention to is the fact that when we are finished with that container, we throw it away and actually the takeaway containers are made from something that lasts for a very long time and doesn’t biodegrade into natural components.

The other problem is that food packaging is often considered contaminated by recyclers and they don’t accept it. This is contributing major problems to waste management and litter.  Light weight plastic containers are easily transported by the wind and often end up in our waterways and natural environment. It breaks down into smaller pieces and is often mistaken as food by birds and animals.

Thanks O’Pregos for choosing biodegradable takeaway packaging and making a healthy environmental choice for you and future generations.