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Picnics, Beaches, and Braais… Oh My!

Summer has officially arrived! That means it’s time for beaches, picnics, gardening, braais and other outdoor fun. Whatever you plan to do this summer, make sure you do it responsibly. To get you started, here are GREEN HOME’s top tips for a low-impact summer.

  1. Don’t be trashy. Wherever you’re camping, picnicking or beaching, be sure to leave nothing behind.
  2. Get down and dirty. Plant indigenous flora in your garden for a water-wise option that is not only beautiful but also better for the environment.
  3. Reduce your picnic impact. Use re-usable picnic dishes and flatware wherever possible. And, look for biodegradable packaging, containers, and utensils that can be added to your compost heap afterwards.
  4. Go all natural. Choose bug repellent and sun block made from natural ingredients if you plan to do any swimming in our ocean, lakes, dams or rivers. This will keep harmful fossil-fuel oils out of our water (your skin will be glad, too!).
  5. Pile in. Carpooling is not only a fun way to travel – it also puts less harmful gasses into the air.
  6. Get your drink on. Drink lots of water, but don’t waste any. Every drop counts!


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