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The Rainbow Warrior visits South Africa

the rainbow warrior visits South AfricaIn February, the Rainbow Warrior visited South Africa, stopping at Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban in a tour promoting the use of renewable energy.

This is the third ship to bear the name the “Rainbow Warrior”. The original Rainbow Warrior was actually bombed in the 80s and is famous for helping to end nuclear testing in the Pacific. The new Rainbow Warrior is at the cutting edge of clean technology, making her one of the greenest ships ever built.

Her arrival in Cape Town, proudly showing her “Renewable Energy is the Solution” banner was incredibly well timed. Just as the issue of power in South Africa became even more of an issue. The Rainbow Warrior arrived to stage three load shedding and president Zuma’s plan to focus on Nuclear power and gas as solutions to South Africa’s Power Crisis at Sona.

At each port, the Rainbow Warrior held an open boat. These events were really well attended with between 700 and 1000 people turning up and waiting patiently in long queues on the pier to see the boat. We saw them serving water to waiting crowds in compostable cups. Go GreenPeace!

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