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Rocking the Daisies goes biodegradable! – Press Release

As the leading supplier of biodegradable, disposable packaging in the country, Green Home is proud to be associated with Rocking the Daisies, SA’s first carbon-neutral music festival. This year, Rocking the Daisies will be using our 100% biodegradable containers made from 100% natural and renewable resources.

Unlike plastic and polystyrene containers which takes hundreds of years to degrade and is highly toxic, our products are made from natural resources, such as sugarcane pulp, and breakdown into water, CO2 and compost in 45 days. This means that all the waste generated at the festival can be turned into compost that goes back into the earth!

The world’s dependency on petroleum is a major contributing factor to climate change – whether it is the petrol that we put in our car or the polystyrene cup that we use for our take-away coffee. Research suggests that plant-based, biodegradable alternatives to plastics could provide a solution to this problem by reducing CO2 levels. The manufacture of plant-based plastics use 30% less energy than petroleum-based products, and only contributes a quarter of the amount of greenhouse gases that fossil fuel plastics generate.

Due to consumer demand and stricter environmental regulation, biodegradable alternatives to plastic and polystyrene are now used widely all across Europe and North America. For Green Home, it is inspiring to be part of an event like Rocking the Daisies which is promoting the shift towards biodegradable packaging in South Africa. In the face of growing concerns around global warming and depleting resources, a music festival is a great way to celebrate positive change and to encourage individuals to live a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

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