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SITA switch to earth friendly biodegradable packaging in their canteens.

SITA (State Information Technology Agency) are now using Green Home’s 100% biodegradable containers in their canteens. By using biodegradable containers, instead of polystyrene and other non-degradable containers, SITA has committed itself to supporting more environmentally responsible and sustainable packaging.

Unlike conventional plastics which are made from the non renewable resource crude oil, biodegradable packaging can be made from a variety of renewable organic materials which have the ability to regenerate themselves easily. Not only does this reduce precious fossil fuel consumption, but it significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Numerous studies have shown that biodegradable products require about half the energy to produce than their non-biodegradable counterparts, further reducing their carbon footprint with respect to fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Conventional plastics are made up of various toxic chemical compounds. Studies have shown that exposure to the natural elements for extended periods of time causes these toxins to be released resulting in harm to both the environment and human health. This is not the case with Green Home’s biodegradable packaging, which is made from non-toxic, natural materials making it 100% safe to use.

Finally, unlike conventional petro plastics which can never biodegrade as evidenced by the large amount of plastic polluting our natural environment, biodegradable packaging readily decomposes into basic organic materials. Biodegradable packaging can be composted, therefore vastly reducing the volumes of waste sent to landfills and littering our environment. The resulting compost can be used for growing healthy plants, creating a cradle to cradle life cycle.

By choosing to use Green Home, Southern Africa’s leading biodegradable food packaging supplier, SITA are choosing to support a growing industry that is committed to creating products with the best possible environmental profile. Thank you SITA for taking a lead in South Africa’s environmental pollution solution.

Visit SITA’s website here.

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