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Solar Cookers

GreenHome's Solar cookerWe recently purchased a solar cooker. We found it simple to set up and were thrilled at how easy it is to use.

“I put a pot of water on and voila within a few minutes it was boiling just like Crosby said it would. And after that gem-squash. And after that a curry. What a great feeling to do something so simple and so obvious. To redirect sunlight to focus on a pot of potatoes gave me a feeling of rhythm. As if I wasn’t working against the landscape around me but working with it.” – Catherine Morris, GreenHome MD.

GreenHome and SunFire Solutions are offering you an opportunity to purchase your own solar cooker at a reduced price. Choose a SunFire 12 (a 1.2 metre dish which can boil a litre of water in 10-12 minutes) at a reduced price of R1 250 or a SunFire 15 at a reduced price of R1 650 (a 1.5 metre dish which can boil a litre of water in in 6-8 minutes). This offer is valid for November and December 2013.

Contact Sunfire and mention “GreenHome” in the subject line.  Delivery within South Africa is between R150 and R200.

About Solar Cookers

Solar cookers offer users the purist form of cooking energy available on earth. The idea is elegant and simple. Place your food in the oven or dish and angle it towards the sun and watch your food cook.

Solar cookers can be divided into two types of cooking appliances namely; ovens and dishes.

Solar Dishes

Cooking on “dishes” or parabolic solar cookers is similar to cooking on gas or an open fire ( yes really!). Dishes essentially work like magnifying glasses – focusing sunlight onto a  central point where a pot, pan or kettle is placed to cook food or boil water. The larger the size of the dish the faster the cooking time. SunFire doesn’t recommend using a dish smaller than 1 metre as these are unable to cook in a time frame to which people are accustomed.

Solar Ovens

Solar ovens can be left out in the sun to cook for up to 3 to 4 hours unattended and seldom achieve high enough temperatures to burn food. Ovens essentially work like greenhouses for plants, allowing light in and trapping it as heat inside the oven chamber – generating a high enough temperature to bake, stew, sauté and roast food – working in much the same way as slow cookers.

SunFire Solutions has spent nine years designing and raising awareness of solar cookers. They spend a lot of time working in communities where access to firewood is diminishing thus presenting a serious issue to maintaining healthy communities and ecosystems. It’s estimated that 3 billion people worldwide continue to rely on firewood for cooking fuel.  Solar cooking also provides a solution to growing human animal conflicts at game parks throughout Africa.

Solar cooking is for everybody and represents a simple way to reduce  energy costs while adding a new flavour to your food. No studies have been done but the 2 000 – 3 000 solar cooker chefs SunFire has assisted swear “that the food just tastes better”.


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