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What Makes GREEN HOME Paper Straws Sustainable?

GREEN HOME paper straws inside cups of fresh vegetable juice

Do you choose to refuse? With an ever-growing number of people saying no to single-use plastic straws, the global movement to ban them is accelerating. At GREEN HOME, we’re in full support – either use a sustainable straw, or nothing!

There are many times when straws are simply not necessary and completely wasteful. Most people don’t have straws at home and get along just fine.

But there are also times when it is nicer, easier and less messy to drink a yummy iced coffee, juice, or cocktail with a straw. For those occasions, we have a truly sustainable solution.

Currently, more than a billion single-use plastic straws are used and tossed every day across the globe! We can all help to reduce the negative impacts of this toxic habit by making choices that are better for natural ecosystems, wildlife and our own health.

Why Choose GREEN HOME Paper Straws?

  1. GREEN HOME paper straws are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. These forests are sustainably managed to protect biodiversity and wildlife.
  2. Our straws are certified compostable and can be assimilated by nature. Unlike plastic which is designed to not break down.
  3. They’re free of any toxic chemicals. So they’re healthy for people to use, and will be good for the soil too, if composted.
  4. GREEN HOME paper straws are also fully recyclable.
  5. Growing trees is much better for the environment than the oil drilling and oil refineries used to make plastic. No toxic oil spills, chemicals and air pollution.
  6. Many businesses, organisations and even countries, are making moves to ban plastic straws – for very good reasons. (For example, did you know that the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament went plastic straw free this year?)
  7. Because plastic straws are doing so much environmental harm, a lot of people don’t like them and don’t want to use them.
  8. Lots of small changes add up to a big positive impact. We all need to work together to make a difference.
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