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The Acorn Foundation at Hostex

The Acorn Foundation contacted us to use our compostable plates and bowls at their at the restaurant they setup for Hostex called Theater of foods. We are thrilled they did because we got to find out about this fabulous charity and the work they are doing.

The Acorn Foundation provides ways to improve the lives of impoverished communities and children.  Their meal in a bottle provides a nutritionally balanced meal made up of rice, vegetables, protein, herbs and spices as well as additional vitamins and minerals. One meal in a bottle costs less than R2 per serving and is able to feed a family of up to 16 people.  The bottles have been specially designed to fit together as building blocks so once they’re finished with, they can be used to build classrooms, clinics and houses.

Their stand at Hostex was built using recycled bottles and they set up a restaurant featuring great chefs, delicious food and Belgian beer. They hoped to to raise sufficient money to build 2 clinics, classrooms or houses as part of their work to improve the lives of impoverished children. They said that “the interest was overwhelming with people now seeing the benefit of this charity that not only feeds people nutritional food under R2.00 a meal but the recycling benefit of the bottle is a plus. One visitor purchased a whole house to be installed in the Cape.”

Well done to them!

Sometimes there is resistance to using compostable packaging as it isn’t as cheap as the plastic alternatives but here is a NPO raising funds for the betterment of others and caring for the environment.

To support this amazing charity and buy some meals in bottles for those going hungry this winter, you can make a deposit to their bank account (taken from their website here) with the reference Hostex 2013.

Bank Details
Name of Account:  Acorn Foundation NPC
Bank:  ABSA Bank
Domicile Branch:  ABSA Bank Sandton
Branch Code:  33-11-55
Account Number:  40-7861-9720