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The lifespan of a tin can

Have you ever wondered how long it take for rubbish to degrade once it gets taken to a landfill or left in the environment?

• Glass Bottle —————————1 million years
• Monofilament Fishing Lines——–600 years
• Plastic Beverage Bottle————–450 years
• Disposable Diaper——————–450 years
• Aluminum Can———————–80-200 years
• Foamed Plastic Buoy—————-80 years
• Foamed Plastic Cups—————-50 years
• Rubber-Boot Sole——————–50-80 years
• Tin Cans——————————-50 years
• Leather———————————50 years
• Nylon Fabric————————–30-40 years
• Plastic Film Container—————20-30 years
• Plastic Bag—————————-10-20 years
• Cigarette Butt————————-1-5 years
• Wool Sock—————————-1-5 years
• Plywood——————————-1-3 years
• Waxed Milk Carton——————3 months
• Apple Core—————————-2 months

Information Source: U.S. National Park Service; Mote Marine Lab, Sarasota, FL.

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