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Visioning the Future

The GREEN team is back after a well-earned summer break.

It’s been magic to pause, exhale and spend quality time. Some of us holidayed at home, and some travelled far from cities and crowds into the breathtaking beauty of South Africa.

After the shake-up and stripping down that was 2020, we’re looking ahead with a strong appreciation for the simple things – the cherished essentials of life.

The tough lessons from last year have upped the volume on why we do this work. It’s all about those essentials, the important cornerstones of our lives: the people and places we love, and the life-giving resources we depend on.

We believe in green business because it protects these things, the things we love and need most. To lead healthy, thriving lives we need healthy, thriving environments.

Sustainably sourced, natural and renewable materials are fundamental to the greener future we’re visioning and building.

So… to start ’21 off with positive focus, we’ve put together a small sample of the people and places we love – things worth celebrating and protecting – in the form of some holiday snaps!

Check out some of the GREEN team (or their feet at least), with a few of their nearest and dearest, along with some beautiful views and vistas snapped during these recent holidays. Life is precious!

Here’s to a GREEN, fruitful and forward thinking 2021!

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