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Warning against degradable (as opposed to biodegradable)

According to this article, the European Plastics Recyclers Association (EuPR) is urging manufacturers to exercise caution if using oxo-degradable additives, warning that degradable plastics have the potential to do more harm to the environment than good. Unlike biodegradable alternatives to plastic which are made out of natural, renewable resources like sugar cane and corn, degradable plastics are made from petroleum and break down into small fragments.

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  1. There is a lot of confusion about plastic bottles and which is compostable, biodegradable, and degradable. PLA plastics are compostable…in a commercial composting facility. Commercial composting facilities are far and few between and that means most PLA plastics will end up in a landfill. PLA plastics won’t biodegrade in a landfill.

    The other two plastics current used for water bottles are both mad from PET plastic one is biodegradable the other is oxo-degradable. The ENSO bottle with EcoPure, is a biodegradable plastic bottle that uses organic compounds to promote biodegradation though microbial digestion only when the biodegradable bottle is placed in a highly active microbial environment. When the ENSO bottle biodegrades it produces biogases and humus. Biogases can be collected to produce clean energy. The ENSO bottle has the same physical properties as standard PET and does not fragment, degrade or break down from environmental conditions such as UV, moisture and oxygen.

    The other PET plastic bottle currently available on the market is made from Oxo-Degradable plastic. It is a PET plastic with an additive that causes it to degrade into smaller and smaller pieces. The plastic doesn’t go away; it just gets too small for us to see.

    Plastics are an important part of our lives and we need them. However, we also need plastics which are more environmentally friendly, plastics that aren’t harmful for us and future generations. Biodegradable plastics are one solution toward improving our environment.

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