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Welcome to our Interns

Anne & denise internsWelcome to our interns, Denise Visser and Anne Lyskawa, who have joined us for three months from the HAS University of Applied Sciences in Netherlands.

They are going to be doing some market and branding research for us.  Some of our clients will meet them in person and some already have. They sure don’t waste time. We are looking forward to hearing what they come up with.

Here is their impressions so far…

“So far we like South Africa a lot! This is the second week of our internship at GreenHome. The people are really nice and they make us feel very welcome. We visited the food markets in Cape Town and we were amazed by it! The food was fresh, delicious and there was lots of choice. The vendors were so friendly and got us all excited about their products and the food in Cape Town in general. They gave us a lot of inspiration for our assignment at GreenHome! We are very excited to work for GreenHome for the next three months and to get to experience all the great things that Cape Town has to offer”


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