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Saturday 22 April is Earth Day

The first Earth Day took place on 22 April 1970 and 20 years later it became global.  Earth Day has tackled a number of environmental issues ranging from clean air and water to endangered species. This year Earth Day addresses environmental and climate literacy.  An estimated 1 billion people across

5 Single Use Items You Can Ditch

Today we fill our lives with stuff that we really don’t need, in particular, single-use items.  Single-use items have a huge impact on the environment.  As the name suggests these items are made to be used only once.  This means that after a short lifespan, if the item in not

How to Have a Zero Waste Easter

Have you seen any packaging-free Easter eggs this Easter?  If not, you’re right – they’re hard to find.  Typically a time for indulging, particularly in chocolate, and celebrating with family and friends Easter comes at a cost to our pockets and to the environment. Here are some great ideas to