At GREEN HOME, sustainability is our passion, our vision and our daily work. We’re here to supply you with a great range of environmentally friendly food packaging in the best way we can. We’re here to change some trends, rewrite some rules and usher in a big-picture-thinking way of serving food on the go.

Big Picture Packaging

Established in 2007, GREEN HOME is South Africa’s first and to this day, only completely compostable food packaging company.

Our vision is to provide sustainable packaging for takeaway food throughout Africa, and beyond.

We believe that if food packaging is necessary:
1. It should be made from annually renewable resources and
2. Should last only as long as it is needed.

GREEN HOME encourages the following approach to food packaging choices:

  1. Avoid and reduce food packaging as much as possible.
  2. Find reusable packaging options.
  3. If it has to be disposable, ensure it’s made from plants.

How did it all start?

Catherine Morris visited a museum on a trip to Thailand in 2006, where she saw a cup made from tapioca starch. Underneath the cup the label said, “an alternative to polystyrene”.

This got her wondering if there were similar products out there and why we weren’t using them in South Africa!

In less than 1 year she made a radical career move and started GREEN HOME.

Carbon Neutral

We’re proudly carbon neutral. We offset our emissions by supporting a low-carbon housing development in Kuyasa, one of the most vulnerable corners of Khayelitsha. The project lowers greenhouse gases by providing low-carbon technologies for homes. These save locals money, improve air quality by reducing paraffin use and also create much needed jobs and skills training in the area.

Kuyasa is also home to the Yiza Ekhaya Soup Kitchen, which GREEN HOME has been actively supporting since Mandela Day in 2010.

Yiza Ekhaya

Yiza Ekhaya provides food, shelter and a safe space to 250 children in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the country. It is run by Mickey Linda, who initially used her own pension to feed local children in the Kuyasa area.

GREEN HOME has been instrumental in providing financial, practical and networking support, helping Yiza Ekhaya grow into a beacon of hope and positive change in the community.

A few years ago, GREEN HOME helped provide Yiza Ekhaya with a permanent structure in the form of Khayelitsha’s first (and SA”s third) Hemp building.  Today Yiza Ekhaya continues to demonstrate what can be achieved with coordinated and caring community involvement – suitably housed in a building made from natural, healthy plant-based materials.

Recently GREEN HOME also built a new website for Yiza Ekhaya that tells the story of this amazing initiative and also provides a platform where the public can make much needed donations. Visit the site here Yiza Ekhaya