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Natural Bird Seed Bells in Compostable Bags


Our Client, Simply Deevine produces all natural bird seed bells and feeders packaged in GreenHome’s compostable bags.

As both a bird and animal lover and an environmentalist, Dee is committed to keeping toxic rubbish out of our landfills. To this end she has developed a new product for bird lovers; an all natural bird seed bell. This product is made from locally sourced seeds and most  importantly, the bells do not contain glue as a binding agent.  Dee bakes her seed bells  using all natural ingredients that bind together during the baking process. So, why not  start a wild bird seed restaurant? For caged birds, Dee is offering Budgie Seed Bells, baked with love and the same care.

All packaging is compostable and/or biodegradable. Simply Deevine uses “cellophane” compostable bags made from potato starch.  The ink used to print the labels is vegetable-based making it non-toxic.  Re-cycled paper is used to make the labels.  Dee is recycling materials as she goes by re-using cardboard donated to the local recycling depot.  She outsources the cutting of the “feet” hearts and the string to two local ladies.

Dee is extremely proud of this new product as she knows that they attract birds to our gardens.  “As part of my commitment to the environment, I donate either fruit trees or seedlings to communities in the local townships, to offset any carbon emissions involved in the delivery and manufacture of the seed bells.” 

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