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NEWS WATCH: Plastic Addiction, Washing Machines and Plastic Pollution, COP17 & more.

Plastic addiction and the myths of recycling: New Zealand based article with New Zealand based statistics but the issues are still the same: excessive plastic consumption leading to excessive plastic pollution and issues surrounding plastic recycling and why it is not a sustainable solution.

From the Washer to the Sea: Plastic Pollution: Waste water from washing machines is an important source of plastic pollution in oceans according to a recent study. Micrometer-size fragments of plastics like acrylic, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide and polyester have contaminated surface water and shorelines globally.

EU urged to support European bioplastics industry: An awareness raising exhibition and conference on plastics and the bio-economy held in Brussels highlighted that bioplastics offer great opportunities for smart, green and inclusive growth.

COP17: Should Eskom and Sasol be part of it? EarthLife doesn’t think so: Is the inclusion of Sasol and Eskom representatives on the COP17 negotiation committee a conflict of interest? Earthlife Africa thinks it is while Business Unity South Africa and the Department of Environmental Affairs do not.

Karoo: Timeless to Timebomb: The true culprits responsible for bringing on the potential travesty of intergenerational justice have so far evaded mention altogether. These culprits are you, me and the rest of civil society. All of us who create the demand for more energy.

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