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Sustainability at Spier: Making Healthy Compost from Biodegradable Packaging

A year and a half ago, Spier Deli started using Green Homes 100% Biodegradable picnic packs. Visitors buy either pre- ordered picnic boxes or choose their own delicious goodies from the Deli which they then eat on the beautiful lawns while watching the ducks on the nearby river and enjoying the sweeping views of the Helderberg Mountains.

Any left over food, along with the biodegradable packaging is then placed into one of the foodstuff bins, where after it all goes for composting at the onsite composting facility. The cycle continues as this healthy compost is then used to feed the mostly indigenous flora found in abundance throughout the Spier Estate.

At Green Home we have always placed great importance on our products being used as part of cradle to cradle lifecycle, and urge all our customers to compost our products. Spier really is setting an excellent example, not just by buying our products, but by seeing the whole process through.

Whats more, using biodegradable and composting is just one of many sustainable initiatives at Spier. Not only have Spier committed to Zero Waste and Zero Wastewater by 2012 as outlined in their annual sustainability report, but their commitment goes much further with their numerous other environmental, social and cultural projects. From Lynedoch School and Eco Village to Cheetah Outreach and Eagle Encounters, Spier truly is an example of how business and sustainability can not just coexist but also benefit one other.

Thank you Spier for all the great work. The Earth surely thanks you too!

Find out more about sustainabilty at Spier here.

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