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Vital Distribution Solutions Green Canteen: Taking ‘Going Green’ to the next level.

GreenHome clients, Vital Distribution Solutions  have truly taken going ‘green’ to the next level in their head office canteen. Vital has partnered with Mveledzo Besem and Catering and started a sustainable canteen that only sells food that is packaged in Green Home’s 100% compostable, biodegradable packaging.

Biodegradable takeaway packaging

But it doesn’t stop there… all food waste and packaging is disposed of in special bins, placed around the premises, from where it goes to a sustainable vegetable garden in Alexandra, managed by Mveledzo Community Projects. All  food waste and packaging is composted and fed into the garden, thus creating a cradle to cradle effect. Seasonal vegetables are planted and the first harvest of vegetables included spinach and beetroot.

Compostable packaging is collected

Being environmentally minded, they have committed to urban foraging and sourcing of ingredients locally from suppliers within a 5 km radius, thus ensuring minimal CO2 emissions when purchasing food products. Extensive research is also being carried out to find the most effective natural cleaning products with minimal environmental impact.

Vital Distribution Solutions commitment to sustainability is an inspiration and we at GreenHome are proud to be working with them.

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