Bagasse: Sugarcane


Raw Materials

Bagasse: Sugarcane

Bagasse is the fibre that remains after sugarcane has been pressed for its sweet juice. It’s a fantastic widely grown and easily renewable recycled material. Our Bagasse is also certified GMO and PFA free.

Our Sugarcane Range of Takeaway Containers are oil and water resistant, sturdy and strong, suitable for hot and cold foods, microwave safe and freezer friendly. As are our Sugarcane Bowls and Plates. They have a natural look and feel and are a pleasure to use.

Bagasse is also a great tree-free source of paper, which is used in our Serviettes and the Toilet Paper available in our Extended Range.
Sugarcane products can be composted in home and industrial compost facilities and in worm farms. In some places they are recyclable with paper streams if free from food residues.

Moulded fibre products

Moulded bagasse fibre products make up the basis of our range of Takeaway Containers, Bowls and Plates. These beautiful products have a natural look and feel. They have a paper-like texture, but are strong and hold their shape well. Our sugarcane products are heat resistant up to at least 100˚C, water and oil resistant, freezer friendly and microwave safe.


Paper products

Bagasse is a great tree-free and annually renewable source of paper which is used in our eco friendly Serviettes and Toilet Paper (available in our Extended Range). The bagasse pulp is mixed with wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. The mix includes a minimum of 60% bagasse.


Why is Bagasse the most earth friendly choice?

– Bagasse is a recycled material that uses waste fibre from the sugar industry
– Bagasse is a widely grown, abundant and annually renewable resource
– Bagasse is also a tree-free source of paper
– It is home and industrially compostable and will biodegrade into healthy soil when exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat
– Bagasse will also break down if it accidentally enters rivers or oceans
– Bagasse products are recyclable with other paper products as long as they have not absorbed any grease from food