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5 Facts about Genetically Modified (GM) Maize and South Africa

Fact 1: South Africa is the only country in the world which has allowed the main staple of its diet, maize, to be genetically modified (GM).

Fact 2:  Around 77% of maize production in South Africa is GM.

Fact 3: Elsewhere in the world GM maize is grown primarily to feed livestock globally.

Fact 4: A new French Study conducted on the long-term health impact of GM maize on rats has found that GM maize poses serious health risks including cancer and impacts on liver and kidney functioning. Following this study Russia has banned GM maize.

Fact 5: Consumers in South Africa have recently won a hard earned victory with regard to the labelling of GM foods. According to the draft amendments, all locally produced and imported food containing 5% or more GM ingredients or components must be labelled accordingly #goodnews.

Find out more about the recent study in the Sowetan and Russia’s recent ban on GM maize.

GREEN HOME asks for GM free food in South Africa and so can you. Visit the African Centre for Biosafety to learn about the dangers of GM crops and what you can do about it.

Our CPLA cutlery, which is made from cornstarch, has also been certified GMO free.