700ml Clear Compostable PLA Bowl Lid

Breaks down through the action of microbes into its natural components of water, CO2 and biomass
Cold Food Only
This product is heat sensitive - for cold food and drinks only
Biodegrades in composting conditions within a maximum of 6 months (but usually much less)
Corn Starch
Made from corn starch-based bioplastic, a low-carbon and renewable material
Oil & Water Resistant
Oil & Water Resistant
Made from renewable plant-based raw materials

This clear PLA Lid fits our 700ml Clear PLA Bowls, making foods easily transportable, while preventing spillage and splashing. 

It looks similar to petroleum-based plastic, but is made from renewable corn starch bioplastic which has a lower carbon footprint and is compostable.

What to expect:

  • Fits our 700ml Clear Compostable PLA Bowls
  • Clear for easy identification
  • Lightweight
  • Made from low-carbon corn starch-based bioplastic
  • Completely compostable in an industrial composting facility
  • Suitable for cold food and liquids only, PLA is heat sensitive above 40°C

Price per pack: R104.09 incl. VAT

Price per unit: R2.08 incl. VAT

Units per pack: 50

Size per unit: 150mm (d) x 18mm (h)

Available immediately from: JHB | CTYour location may affect delivery times depending on which warehouse/s the stock is available


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