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All About Nappies: What are the Earth Friendly Options?

Disposable nappies have a huge impact on the environment. Simply due to volumes and manner in which they are are disposed.

Reusable nappies have less impact on the environment in terms of the waste produced but they are more water intensive. They are often made from sustainable materials, like bamboo or hemp and in the long run (after an initial investment) will prove more economical. A great local brand of reusable nappies is sold by Mother Nature Nappies.

Other Environmentally Friendly Options

Chlorine-free disposables

Look our for chlorine-free disposable nappies. Characteristics are less harmful toxins for the environment and gentler on your babies skin.

Flushable inserts for cloth nappies

Make sure you find a brand of inserts that are paper based. They can usually be washed a couple of times and will biodegrade once flushed. These are a super way to minimise mess.

Compostable nappies

Compostables are an environmentalist’s dream. Unless you have a very well-managed compost system at home (which is not being used for the veggie garden), is it recommended to use an industrial compost service.

See below a great infographic detailing the difference between disposable and cloth nappies.

all about nappies infographic

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