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Amazing eco-friendly ‘bubble wrap’ is made from recycled paper

We’ve just added a cool new product to our Extended Range: eco-friendly ‘bubble wrap’ that’s made from recycled paper. It’s available now in our new Wrapping and Protection category.

While plastic bubble wrap uses trapped air for cushioning, our new biodegradable solution turns to the amazing honeybee for inspiration. A honeycomb texture cut into the surface of the Kraft wrapping paper creates a 3-D surface which can absorb shocks and provides great protection, naturally.

Green Home Honeycomb Kraft paper - an eco-friendly 'bubble wrap'

Easy to carry and store

Our Honeycomb Kraft wrap comes in flat sheets or rolls, making for easy storage. When needed, place the paper on a flat surface and press down and apart. This expands the honeycomb weave. The paper can also easily be cut to size as needed.

Conventional plastic bubble wrap is lightweight, but very bulky. Honeycomb Kraft sheets and rolls take up a fraction of the storage space. And, they’re much less bulky to move around. So you can save some space, while being kinder to the Earth.

Honeycomb Kraft Paper also holds its shape well when wrapped around items. This minimises the need to use tape.

The best part? It’s made from 100% recycled paper!

Our Honeycomb Kraft is made from 100% recycled and unbleached paper. No fresh trees were chopped – a great example of the circular economy in action. And after use, it can be re-used, re-cycled or composted, leaving no waste. It is compostable in home and large-scale composting facilities and worm farms.

In contrast, conventional plastic bubble wrap is usually made from virgin plastic. This means drilling, fracking or mining for fossil fuels. Eek! While technically recyclable, bubble wrap is often cut up and covered in tape. And it might not be accepted for recycling, or make it to a suitable recycler, thus becoming non-biodegradable plastic waste.

Honeycomb Kraft paper offers a new waste-free solution. And, it also eliminates that sinking feeling we’ve all had after unwrapping our goods and being left with a pile of plastic bubble wrap.

We can now act with confidence, and either recycle our wrapping material, or place it in the compost where it will return to the Earth. Nice!

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