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Clear Deli Containers & Lids: Perfect for Salad & Dessert

clear plastic Deli ContainersThese deli containers and lids have just arrived in our warehouses and are ready for order! They are clear PLA plastic, which is made from renewable plant resources instead of petroleum. The production of PLA plastic produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions and uses less non-renewable energy than petroleum-based plastic.

Our deli bowls are made from plants which means they can be composted together with food waste – instead of being sent to landfill.

There two sizes available: 350ml and 700ml. They are heat sensitive and should only be used for food served cold or at room temperate making them ideal for salads and desserts.

They are marked “made from PLA plastic” and we are able to supply stickers which identify it biodegradable.

See our shop for pack size and price information.

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