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Our New G-Cups: eco friendly coffee cups

We’re launching our own range of coffee cups. Introducing the G-Cup! (G for Green, G for Great, G for grrrrrr)

Why Choose Eco Friendly Coffee Cups?

Coffee Cups, like all disposable items, should be made from a resource that doesn’t run out and should only last as long as they are needed. If not, they become rubbish, which either sits in landfills or end up polluting our environment, oceans and rivers. Read 5 reasons to kick disposable coffee cups.

Most paper coffee cups are lined with a thin layer of plastic. Plastic is made from petroleum which is a non renewable resource and because the paper is plastic lined, it cannot be recycled. It all adds up. According to this tweet “Each paper cup contains 5g of polystyrene in each lid and 0 05g of plastic liner, ie over 500,000 kg of plastic waste in landfills”

GreenHome’s G-Cups

G-cups are made from plant based raw materials and are compostable.  The paper is made from wood sourced from FSC certified sustainable plantations.  The cup is lined with a thin layer of Bioplastic which is made from corn starch. They are made locally in South Africa.

We have printed the G-Cups with composting information so that there is no confusion about what to do with the cup once its been used. It is absolutely possible to get your own G-Cup printed. Contact us with your requirements and your artwork. We have a minimum order qty of 30 000 units and fast turn around times.

Our coffee cups are competitively priced and friendly to the environment. See prices etc. in our shop.

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