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GREEN HOME Rocked Those Daisies

We packed the car, stocked up on sunblock and hit the road… destination – Rocking The Daisies 2017. And oh did we rock it! Festivals are a ton of fun, plenty to do, friends everywhere and new friends just waiting to be made. The perfect environment to spend a weekend. So what’s the downside?

The downside to events like these is too often an assault on the environment. What we love about the Daisies is having the opportunity to do things differently. Weekend music festivals don’t need to result in litter and waste overflow, causing immense damage to the surrounding environment long after the party’s over.

If you were in attendance you would have have seen our plant-based food packaging used exclusively in the Green Village. A brilliant space created by Greenpop. We were super proud to be there with so many other awesome organisations such as Greenpeace Africa, and Fossil Free SA – all our co-veterans.

If you’re looking to green your event, reach out – we’re here and happy to share what we know!

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