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GREEN HOME sponsors the 213th Street Store



GREEN HOME sponsored the 213th Street Store with our Newspaper gift bags. These bags are the last of a range we made as a part of an upcycling job creation project.

Street Store is a street based, pop up “shop” for the poor stocked by public donations and organised by anyone who wants to so. The first one was held in Cape Town in January 2014. The concept received worldwide attention via social media and then by traditional media. The organisers designed a simple way for anyone in the world to setup their own Street Store. To date the Facebook page has just advertised the 244th Street Store event worldwide.

The formula is simple. Hang up some posters somewhere accessible. People donate unwanted goods by hanging them up and the homeless can come and shop for items they like and need and feel welcome and dignified while doing so. This is very empowering for people used to scratching in bins for the things they need and for people who want to help.

The JHB Street Store project was held on Saturday 20th June 2015 in Bertrams, JHB. We received this from organiser, Wesley Naidoo, “It was a huge success. We gave clothes to close to 700 people majority of which live in shelters or on the street. Thank you so much for your sponsorship of the bags, they were used to pack clothes, shoes, blankets and toys.”

All goods shopped for on the day were carried off in a beautiful, unique, handmade, upcycled shopping bags.

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