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110% Green Western Cape Synergy Day

We attended a workshop with Premier Helen Zille and the 110% Green Western Cape Government Initiative. The focus of the workshop was industry symbiosis.

The Synergy Day was held as part of the WISP initiative which aims to link companies so that one person’s waste is another’s resource.
Industrial symbiosis has the potential to significantly reduce industrial and commercial waste and comprehensively lessen the adverse environmental impacts of business. Business is changing to more efficient and sustainable systems. The change is driven both by environmental and social concerns as well as financial necessity.

This is an exciting area for us to be involved in as we want to see a Cape Town where there is zero food (& food packaging) waste heading to landfill. Food waste has the potential to be composted and turned into a valuable resource, especially in the Cape, which has a thriving agricultural industry and also areas of very sandy soil that could sure use some compost.

We met with other Green and sustainable businesses, industries, research and development agencies, local universities and recycling companies and discussed how we could share and utilise resources for increased productivity, exposure and profit.

From our MD, Catherine Morris, “What an amazing day. So good to be inspired by ideas, innovation and action leading to more sustainable ways of doing business in the Western Cape.” Thanks to the 110% Green Western Cape project.

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